The latest opinion polls show a massive surge in support for Scottish independence in the forthcoming referendum – as unionist politicians in Northern Ireland step up their campaign in favor of a 'No' vote.

A vote for independence in Scotland could have major implications for Northern Ireland as the break up of the United Kingdom would mean that Northern Irish unionists would face far greater uncertainty as to their constitutional position.

The Irish Times reports that the latest YouGuv opinion poll suggests the gap between the yes and no sides is at its lowest ever.

Politicians from Northern Ireland have campaigned for both sides in Scotland, keenly aware of the implications for the North.

The new opinion poll shows support to stay within the United Kingdom at 53 percent, the lowest figure yet in YouGuv polls with 47 percent in favor of independence.

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The paper suggests the new figures mean that the referendum will go down to the wire.

These new figures indicate a major drop in support for the No campaign which had enjoyed 62 percent of the vote in the last poll with the Yes side on 39 percent.

The report says figures have created much concern in the No campaign.

It has struggled to regain momentum following a TV debate between the Labour Party’s Alistair Darling (No) and the Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond (Yes).

Reacting to the latest results, YouGov’s top pollster Peter Kellner said: “Game on. YouGov’s latest poll puts Alex Salmond within touching distance of victory.

“Until one month ago, the No campaign held a steady lead of at least 16 points. It has now collapsed to just six. When I first saw the results, I wanted to make sure this movement was real. It is.”