Rush Limbaugh has said that Ireland has become “almost total conservative.”

Limbaugh’s statement was part of an answer to a caller on his show who brought up one of the political commentator’s frequent sayings “conservatism will always win.”

The focus of the show was on Donald Trump’s appeal in the Republican presidential candidacy race.

The caller, Nancy from Pinehurst, NC asked: “I’ve listened to you probably since the late nineties, and all your sayings kind of stick in my head. I've heard you say things over and over through the years, like one of them especially is 'once a liberal, always a liberal.' The other one is 'conservatism will always win.' I don't know why that's not happening this year. We've got a guy, I mean, wouldn't it be great if someone who raises their hand and swears to defend the Constitution of United States would actually do it? I mean, guys like Ted Cruz just don't walk in the door every day.”

The radio talk show host responded: “Right. I know. I have said conservatism always wins. One of the things I've really said is that conservatism works every time it's tried, and we are not there. But there is evidence today, you ought to take a look at news coming out of Ireland. Ireland has gone almost total conservative. Denmark is dialing back on its liberalism. Ireland's got 8% economic growth. They have reduced government regulation. They've lowered taxes. They've implemented the recipe and they're rebounding like crazy. And we will, too, if anything like that ever happens here.”

About Donald Trump, Limbaugh said: “… my point is it's tough for anybody that is a professional politician steeped in the dos and don'ts of that business to stand up to Trump. Trump is a definition of a pure outsider in terms of form and so forth. And Trump doesn't have a prompter, he doesn't do speeches, there's no stump speech.

“He's got themes he repeats, but every speech is different, every appearance is different. You never know what you're gonna get, therefore it's exciting, it's unpredictable. Nothing is the same. Every other politician it is predictable. You know what they're gonna say, you know what they're not gonna say, you know they're gonna play it safe. It's a tough thing to compete against.”