The majority government partner Fine Gael has plummeted six point to just 22 per cent support in the latest Sunday Business Post opinion poll.

The water charges controversy and missteps by the government in other areas has cost them dear in public support.

The party is now down 17 points on their general election level of support which saw them go into government with the Labor Party.

Labor are now at just 8 per cent meaning the combined government parties are at just 30 per cent support.

Meanwhile Sinn Fein are also at 22 per cent, up two per cent same as Fine Gael while Fianna Fail are at 18 per cent.

The big mover in the poll is independent or non party candidates who are supported by a whopping 30 per cent of the voters.

Such a huge block of independents, who range from far left to far right,would make forming the next government truly difficult.

Indeed it is impossible to predict who the next government will be based on this poll as the voters are clearly deeply disillusioned with the status quo.