If Irish American public opinion is any indication, things are looking good for Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

In an informal poll of 1,842 readers – 1,420 of them based in the US – 52% of the participants said they are voting for Clinton. That figure was the same for both readers voting in the US and the total number of poll participants worldwide.

Within the US, Donald Trump came in at 40%, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson tied at 3% each, while 2% declared they would not be voting.  

This is a more dramatic difference than the national average, which, according to poll aggregator Real Clear Politics, currently stands at 47.5% in favor of Clinton and 45.3% in favor of Trump.

What about the all-important swing states?

Colorado’s IrishCentral readers gave Clinton an easy victory, with 50% of the votes to Trump’s 36%. Gary Johnson fared better in Colorado, with 7%. In Florida, Clinton was also victorious, at 51%, though at a lesser margin, with Trump at 47%. Iowa swung in Clinton’s favor as well, at a clean 57% Clinton - 43% Trump. In Michigan, the margins were slightly closer one again with Clinton at 49%, Trump at 40% and 6% for Johnson. Nevada went heavily in Trump’s favor by 71% to a measly 29% for Clinton. Conversely, New Hampshire was overwhelmingly pro-Clinton at 88%, with Trump and Stein tying at 6%. North Carolina was one of the closest calls, at 52% Clinton, 48% Trump. But Ohio was even closer, going to Trump by just a few decimal points within 45% and Clinton also in the 45% bracket. Pennsylvania was Clinton’s at 55%, with 40% to Trump, while Trump claimed Virginia at 44% to Clinton’s 39%. Intriguingly, Stein also fared her best in Virginia, at 11%. Clinton scored well with our Wisconsin readers, at 56% to Trump’s 44.

A look at the international results of the poll shows Trump slipping even further from favor, with just 37% of the votes. Jill Stein fared marginally better internationally than in the US, at 3.5%, while Johnson came in at 3.1%. The proportion of readers not voting in the actual election was also higher, at 3%.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, where 174 people participated, 55% were in favor of Hillary Clinton, 29% for Trump, 5% for Stein, and 4% for Johnson, with 5% saying they would not vote.

Out of the readers who indicated their age and gender, women were vastly in favor of Clinton, while men gave more support to Trump – a pattern we’ve seen in many polls this election season.

Clinton edged out Trump in most age brackets except for among 35 – 44-year-olds, while Jill Stein earned the greatest esteem among participants aged 45-64.

Didn’t get to vote in IrishCentral’s poll? Let us know how you’re leaning in the comment section. But, more importantly, get out to the real polling stations on November 8!