Boston mayor Marty Walsh is heading home to Ireland to boost the city’s business links with the old sod – and visit his family.

A spokeswoman for the Irish American leader has confirmed that Walsh will visit Ireland in September.

As well as holding business meetings with key leaders across the country, Walsh plans to visit his Galway relatives.

The Irish Times reports that the 10 day visit will combine work with pleasure for the popular mayor.

A spokeswoman told the paper that the visit is a business trip but that he hoped to visit family during his time in Ireland.

He has strong links with south Connemara as his mother Mary comes from Rosmuc and his late father John came from Carna. The trip will mark the mayor’s first visit to Ireland since he was elected last year.

The spokeswoman said: “The overall goal of this trip is to support Boston’s economic development through building relationships and strengthening our commercial and cultural link with Ireland.”

Walsh will visit Donegal, Derry, Belfast and Dublin between September 23rd and 26th and will then spend time with family and friends in Galway with an exact schedule still being organized.

Previously Walsh has spoken fondly of holiday trips to Ireland and south Connemara.

He said: “I loved it there: planting cabbage or sowing potatoes in the fields, feeding the chickens or fishing on the pier.”