A police sergeant has been accused of sexually assaulting two female colleagues in a Dublin police station.

The identities of the accused and his alleged victims were not released following a court order.

In the first instance, Police Inspector James Flood stated that the sergeant, who is in his forties, approached the officer when she was leaning over a desk.

“While she was doing this, it is alleged the accused pressed his pelvic area into her posterior and at the same time placed his hands on her hips and made a pumping motion saying ‘She likes it this way.'"

A few months later in an office in the station he allegedly assaulted her again.

“The accused came up towards her and pressed his left hand to the side of her left breast while saying ‘Wake up.'"

Two days before he allegedly attacked the other female officer. He “grabbed the inside of her right upper thigh at the fleshy part, at which she screamed."

“It is alleged the accused then said ‘I’d say you are some screamer in bed,'" Inspector Flood added.

The defendant did not enter a plea up during the proceedings and was given four weeks to do so.