The six-year-old shot in a botched gangland assassination attempt in Dublin may not walk again according to reports.

The Irish Sun says that doctors fear little Sean Scully could be paralyzed after the horrific attack on Friday night.

The tot was playing with friends when the would-be assassins opened fire at a confirmation party in Ballyfermot.

The six-year-old was hit with a .22 calibre bullet which passed straight through his neck.

The Irish Sun says medics believe Sean might remain paralyzed while a senior source told the paper that the likelihood of a full recovery was ‘almost nil.’

The paper also reports that Sean’s innocent dad Karl stood wailing over his boy’s stricken body as paramedics battled to save him.

They said: “It was like a nightmare. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I heard what I thought was a banger and as soon as I opened the door a wall of screams from all the little kids just hit me.

“I ran over and he was lying on the ground. There was blood everywhere. It was like a picture of hell itself.

“I had a T-shirt I was able to take off quickly to give them to try and stop the blood.

“His poor dad was in a terrible state, he was inconsolable. He kept pacing up and down, not able to look at him.

“His big brother was there too, he was in a complete state of shock. He wasn’t able to speak afterwards.

“All the kids were out the front playing. It was still bright outside so I don’t understand how anybody could fire a gun when you could clearly see children around.”

Superintendent Paul Moran told the paper that detectives are following a definite line of enquiry.

Moran said: “Any crime involving firearms is very, very serious. But it’s even more serious when it involves a child.

“We have extensive resources here in Ballyfermot involved in this incident and we are also utilizing the services of the Technical Bureau from Garda (police) Headquarters.

“Anybody who may have seen anything that they think relates to this incident, we would be very grateful for their assistance.”

Reports say police are looking for two brothers who arrived on bicycles to carry out the botched hit on a relative of the victim.

Moran added: “We are looking at a suspect or suspects but we are in the early stages of the investigation.

“This is an extremely rare incident and we are treating it extremely seriously and we have committed many, many resources to this investigation.

“There is no link between this and organized crime. And we appeal again for the person or persons involved in this incident to come forward.”

Ireland’s Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has condemned the shooting.

She said: “I share the shock of the community at the appalling shooting of a child. The thoughts and prayers of everyone will be for the recovery of the child.

“Acting Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan has assured me that the Gardai (police) are making significant progress with their inquiries and that they are determined to bring to justice those involved in perpetrating this dreadful incident.

“I would appeal to anyone who has information to pass this on immediately. This incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of a gun culture.”