The remains of ten people found on Gilgo Beach, LI have continued to mystify police, leading investigators to believe that the murders were all work of a single serial killer, spanning back over the past decade.

While the original theory of three murderers using the same beach as a dumping ground has been “debunked,” police do believe that the single murderer is from Long Island because of his/her knowledge of the remote dumping spots for the bodies.
In an interview with MSNBC news, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer expressed, "The common denominators that we have now indicate that it's possibly one killer...We've had the same dumping ground, sex workers, young women -- even though there were the Asian male and the toddler -- but we think they were connected to the sex trade in some way. And these common denominators indicate we have the one person committing these crimes."
The first remains were found nine months ago along Ocean Parkway, and thus far eight more sets have been discovered over recent months. "So far, only five of the ten bodies found have been identified," reported NBC New York. However, police believe that the bodies were all escorts; the five that they have identified had all worked as Craigslist prostitutes.
Some of the victims could have been killed years ago police speculate. Two of the bodies police have compiled sketches for, one Asian man and one woman, are both believed to have been prostitutes killed as long as a decade ago. The man was found wearing women's clothing.
Making the case even more puzzling are the remains of a two to three year old toddler police found close to an older woman, believed to be her mother. Part of the woman’s remains were found fifteen years ago, and those matched exactly to ones found this past April.
Investigators aren't being shy about their needing help from anyone connected to the murders. "We're hoping that somebody will recognize somebody, and that'll be a break in the case," expressed Dormer The department has also requested that representatives from the escort business come forward with any information they may have about these mysterious bodies.
The case is a slow moving, "methodical" one, said Dormer in a press report. This past Monday, approximately 125 searchers went through the area again, hoping to find remains of a New Jersey woman who was the initial focus of the search. However, police now believe that the woman, Shannon Gilbert, may not be a victim of the same serial murderer. 

Gilbert, a prostitute who was last seen last May running from her house, Dormer believes that it's just a coincidence that she went missing close to where the remains were found. "We believe that it's just a coincidence that she went missing in Oak Beach and the bodies were found on Gilgo Beach, which is right across Ocean Parkway and farther west," he told Newsday. "The M.O. is completely different, the scenario is completely different."