With the new year steadily approaching, everyone is busy compiling year-end lists, including Google. The company has compiled a breakdown of the most popular search items of the year in Ireland. Not surprisingly, those topping the list are the newly-famous Pippa Middleton, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and recently acquitted Casey Anthony.

Silicon Republic reports the breakdown of several of the most searched categories, including general searches, people, shopping, and travel. For 2011, the fastest rising overall search in Ireland was for the website Donedeal.ie, which is a classifieds website and holds bragging rights to being “Ireland’s most visited site for buying and selling cars.”

Following her debut at older sister Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William in April, Pippa Middleton became the fastest-rising Googled person in Ireland. Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, and David Beckham were the most searched for celebrities on Google.

Also in the list for the fastest-rising searched people was Casey Anthony, dubbed ‘tot mom’ by TV host Nancy Grace. Anthony, who, while in jail for suspicion of murder of her toddler daughter, claimed she wanted to adopt an Irish baby, “accent and all.” Anthony made big news in the US when she was acquitted for murder, a shock to many who followed the case.

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With the release of the iPad 2, as well as his untimely death, Steve Jobs also made an appearance in the list of fastest rising searches for 2011. The Apple guru has a large fan-base around the world, and many were shocked to find that his death came so shortly after his stepping down as CEO of Apple.

Almost humorously, the top ‘how to...’ search was “How to Shuffle,” presumably inspired by  LMFAO’s mega-hit ‘Party Rock Anthem,’ which has the infectious lyric of “everyday I’m shufflin’.” Just behind “how to shuffle” was “how to study” followed by “how to reference.” As ever, Ireland appears to have its priorities in order.

British singer Adele was everywhere this year, including Google. She was the number one most searched item in the song lyrics category. Other top searched singers include Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

The top two searched items in the travel category were Orlando and Disney. Others in that category included Las Vegas, Croatia, and Cancun. Evidently, Ireland was ready for some fun in the sun in 2011.