The father of the Irish teenager, Phoebe Prince who committed suicide last January will appear in a new documentary set to be broadcast on RTÉ this week.

The state broadcaster has confirmed that Jeremy Prince will appear in the documentary, speaking about the tragic death of his 15-year-old daughter earlier this year. This is only the third time that Mr Prince has spoken to the media about his child's death. He now lives in Co.Clare with his daughter Lauren.

Phoebe Prince took her own life following a prolonged period of bullying from classmates at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. She had moved to America with her family in September of 2009 from Co.Clare.

The documentary will include first-hand testimonies which have been filmed over the past six months to chronicle the harassment suffered by the teenager at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts, which lead to  Ms Princes taking her own life.

In one of Jeremy Princes's rare interviews since his daughters death, he said officials at South Hadley High School should have intervened.

“The whole culture was wrong at that school. The school turned a blind eye for administrative reasons,” Jeremy told the Boston Globe. “They closed ranks. The adults at the high school responded to this like administrators, not educators. Administrators minimize everything, they want as little hassle as possible. An educator would be setting an example.

“As a person, she wasn’t that vulnerable. It was the environment of the school and the threats of physical violence. She was susceptible to that,’’ he added.

Her suicide has lead to the prosecution of six teenagers on charges including rape and harassment.

The Trials of Phoebe Prince will be shown on RTÉ on Monday, November 22, from 9.35pm.