Kayla Narey and Sean Mulveyhill have appeared  in court for the pre-trial hearing in the case of the bullying death of Phoebe Prince. The two teens along with four other youths are accused of bullying the young Irish girl incessantly, which led to her suicide in January.

All six teens from South Hadley High School have pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor is arguing that Phoebe Prince became so despondent that she felt she had no option but to take her life.

Narey and Mulveyhill (both aged 17) will face separate trials in March and April of next year prosecutors say.

Michael Jennings, the lawyer for accused Prince Narey, 17, said he believed the case against his client  was weak.

“The charges against her require violence or the threat of violence, and the evidence of that doesn’t exist,” Jennings said.

Key to the defence case is the medical history of Phoebe Prince. Lawyers for the defendants have long argued that she was a deeply troubled girl who had previous suicide attempts and was taking depression medications when she lived in Ireland before she entered South Hadley High.

 Austin Renaud, another defendant is also scheduled to appear in court on October 4.

The other three teens who have been charged, Ashley Longe, Sharon Velazquez and Flannery Mullins will appear in Franklin-Hampshire Juvenile Court on September 23.

On January 14th Mulveyhill, Nary and Longe called Phoebe Prince obscene names in the library at South Hadley High School. Longe then drove past Prince shouted "whore" and threw an empty drink can at her.

After months of relentless bullying she went home and hung herself.