First Minister, Peter Robinson, has resumed his duties in Northern Ireland today (Wednesday) after being cleared of improper financial dealings involving his wife and a teenager she had an affair with. 

Robinson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) temporarily stepped aside over a scandal involving his wife’s affair with the son of a butcher from Northern Ireland a few weeks ago. 

"I have acted at all times properly, and in compliance with my public duties," Robinson said in a statement issued by his office announcing that he was resuming his post. 

Robinson suspended his duties since January 11 after it was discovered that his wife’s financial dealings with a young lover could put the minister in breach of parliamentary code.

Iris Robinson had an affair with a younger man a number of years ago and had loaned him money to set up a café. 

However, today, a lawyer action on behalf of the regional parliament in Belfast cleared Robinson of any wrong doings. Robinson is now considering legal action over the claims. 

Robinson, who planned to step aside for six weeks, is leading his party in negotiations between his party and Sinn Fein in the hope of breaking the deadlock over the transfer to powers from London to Belfast.

Back in the driving seat: Peter Robinson returns as First Minister in Northern Ireland