Republican N.Y. Congressman Peter King appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday night to defend his controversial “pedophile” remarks about Michael Jackson.

King is sticking to his word, stating that he was simply saying “what millions of Americans really felt.”

King published a video earlier in the week slamming the King of Pop, labeling him a “pervert,” and calling on the media to stop “glorifying” him.

In response to the divisive video, Congressman Bobby Rush of Illinois and Hazel Dukes of the NAACP, implied that King is a racist, and Rush demanded an apology from the outspoken N.Y. politician.

O’Reilly asked King to respond to the uproar against him. King said: "That is absolute nonsense. I stand by everything I said, and there's absolutely nothing racist or racial in any of the words I used.”

The N.Y. congressman pointed out that he was the first Catholic political figure in the U.S. to call for the resignation of Cardinal Law as Archbishop of Boston seven years ago when Law failed to persecute the known child molesters in Boston’s clergy.

King then asked how pointing out someone’s “horrible record of using and abusing children becomes racial in any way,” and said that anyone accusing him of being a racist is “absolutely phony.”

O’Reilly called King’s attackers “cheap” for “playing the race card,” but said that he thought King was being a bit “harsh,” asking him if he should have waited a week to make the bold comments about America’s beloved Jackson.

The congressman responded that it had already been 10 days since Jackson died when he made the video. He explained that he was put “over the edge” after spending the Fourth of July with firefighters, veterans and police and detected “such a resentment building up” over the nonstop public and media attention to the singer’s death.

“Okay, he's a good singer, he's a good dancer. But why – why is he getting all this coverage? Why has the nation stopped for Michael Jackson?” King asked.

“That's why I said strip aside the psycho-babble. This man was a child molester. And he was, by his own admission – he slept with young boys.”

King reiterated his belief that the media was “wrong” for “exulting” Jackson with “round the clock coverage” when  “at the same time we have Americans dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have the President in Russia trying to negotiate arms control…to me it was a real reflection on the culture of our country.”