By their search strings shall ye know them. According to the New York Times Campaign Stops blog, Google search queries for Paul Ryan aren’t generally looking for high minded political principals.

In fact, The Times discovered, a clear majority of searchers would rather view his 'shirtless pics' than his 'budget plan.' And according to Gawker the majority of 'shirtless' searchers are in Blue States, which makes things even more curious.

Depressingly, 'Obama' is often searched for in conjunction with 'KKK,' the Times discovered, giving credence to claims that some of the opposition against him relates to his race.

5,000 people a month also ask about Mitt Romney's underwear, possibly in regard to his Mormon faith.

'Paul Ryan Shirtless' is nine times more popular a search than 'Paul Ryan budget,' The Times confirmed.

Red states are more likely to search for "Barack Hussein Obama,' whereas blue states search more frequently for 'Willard Mitt Romney.'