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A pit bull named after St Patrick is thriving – almost a year after he was thrown down a garbage chute by his New Jersey owner.

Patrick The Miracle Dog is now living it up in the care of veterinary hospital worker Patricia Scavelli as he piles on the pounds.

His owner, Keisha Curtis, is awaiting trial on animal cruelty charges after her building’s superintendent rescued him from an horrific death.

Curtis starved Patrick before he was stuffed into a trash bag and shoved down the garbage chute at her apartment block in Newark, N.J.

Thankfully for Patrick, the building’s superintendent noticed a slight movement in the trash, opened the bag and discovered the emaciated dog on March 16th.


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He was handed over to the Associated Humane Societies of Newark who named him Patrick The Miracle Dog because he was found the day before St. Patrick’s Day.

Staff at the Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Tinton, N.J. then took him into their care – and the Scavellis brought him home.

Nine months after his ordeal, NBC New York viewers were offered a glimpse into Patrick’s happy new life with hospital worker Patricia and her husband.

They have taken Patrick into their home and all is well with the pit bull.

“He’s doing great,” said Patricia, who confirmed that Patrick now weighs a ‘solid’ 55 pounds, up from the 15 pounds he weighed when he was first brought to the animal hospital.

“He really gives love,” added Patricia. “He climbs into your lap, he would prefer to sit in your lap than lay on the floor. He also sleeps in our bed at night, along with the cat.”

Although he carries a small scar around his right eye, there is little physical evidence of Patrick’s horrific deal. Some mental scars do remain as Scavelli told NBC New York that Patrick is fearful of strangers.

“He’s pretty intelligent too - he’s learned a lot of tricks on his own, he can figure things out on his own,” said Scavelli.
Patricia and her husband will remain as foster guardians for Patrick until owner Curtis goes to trial with a court date yet to be set.

She has admitted tying Patrick to a stairway railing but denies throwing him away.

Patrick The Miracle Dog shortly after he was found in a garbage chute.