An Irish website catered to college students has incited the wrath of the internet after posting an article that outlines directives for pursuing a one-night stand with their co-ed peers.

The Irish Independent relates that the website has posted an article that has been accused of being derogatory to women. The article says that finding a one night stand is akin to a predator on the hunt, with women being the prey in the deranged metaphor.

Readers have been critical of the choice of "predatory language" citing examples wherein the article suggests men "pounce on these girls like they are injured baby gazelles," a colorful, albeit inappropriate descriptor for emotionally vulnerable girls.

The article encourages to seek women who have gone through a recent breakup, ones who might have "low self-esteem and potential daddy issues." The article was originally posted as being written by "," but that was then updated to display "Joanna Stroinska" as its author, potentially in an attempt to save face with its female readers.

The comments section of the article was flooded with criticism from readers, including DIT student Suzan Günbay, who said that the website was essentially "publishing instructions on how to rape people and get away with it."

Keith Anthony Ó Néill, a student at Trinity College, said that “any website which lets this sort of hate filled negativity and violence towards women be published in its realms is nothing short of a shrine to misogyny. An absolute disgrace.”

The article has since been withdrawn by the website, and collegetimes has issued a statement where they say that the article was "written by a woman to highlight, in a satirical fashion, behaviors that occur commonly within our society."

Also in this statement is an apology to the site's advertising partner, 7Up, for a 'technical failure' that attached a 7Up ad to the contested article.

The apology to the company and lack of apology to the readers also didn't sit well with the audience, whose comments expressed doubt over the statement's authenticity and anger regarding the lack of sincerity in the address to the readers.