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T-shirts at the popular clothing store Old Navy have been pulled after their logos received strong reactions from the public, especially Irish Americans.

One of the graphic t-shirts read "Irish I Was Drunk" while the other showed a picture of Snoopy holding a mug of root beer. It read "Party Like You're Irish.”

The ‘Irish I Was Drunk’ t-shirt  in particular enraged Irish Americans who felt it played into the old stereotype of the Irish around St. Patrick’s Day.

A spokesperson for the store's parent company said, "We recognize these t-shirts went too far and we sincerely apologize to the Irish community for any offense caused. We are removing all units from the stores and online as soon as physically possible."

Speaking to CBS 2 New York, members of the public gave their opinions on the graphic t-shirts. Kristin O'Leary said, "I could definitely see how some people could be offended. I’m not personally offended by it."

Keith Wilson said, "Can’t you find another way to sell t-shirts than intimating they’re all drunks?"

Do you find these t-shirts offensive? Let us know below.

Read more: US bars slammed for serving ‘Irish car bomb’ drink