Thousands of emails sent to the Occupy Wall Street mailing list have been revealed at the hands of cyber-hacker Thomas Ryan reports the Daily Mail. Ryan exposed the emails on Saturday which were then picked up by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who is said to be “smearing” the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Cyber-spy Thomas Ryan has been tracking the Occupy Wall Street activity by monitoring social media and by physically blending in, reports the Daily Mail. Following his exposing of the thousands of emails on the Occupy Wall Street mailing list, he forwarded them to such agencies as the FBI, the NYPD and newssource ABC in order “to thwart planned protests at the network’s shows.”

Some find it curious that Thomas Ryan, a typically undercover source, revealed his name in the process. However, it is thought that Ryan did so accidentally, as his name was on some of the leaked emails.
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The Daily Mail reports that blogs such as are turning to the hacker group known as Anonymous for help in retaliation against Ryan and Breitbart. “I know what their tactics are going to be - they're going to go after my email. I never leave things on my email server,” Ryan, who is attempting to stay a step ahead, told Gawker.

Ryan also added that in the event that Anonymous does retaliate, he will release the names of the people behind the hacking. “I'm going to keep my mouth shut because you never release it unless you have to. You always want to have the trump card.”

Ryan’s massive leak of emails follows the Occupy Wall Street movement spreading to worldwide locations, including Dame Street in Dublin. So far, Occupy Wall Street has been running for about a month in New York City, and has gained a sturdy funding base of $230,000 as well as donated supplies to help protesters through the winter.