A professor at the University of Notre Dame is conducting new research on Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” examining videotaped interviews with some 70 people about their lives before during and after the conflict.

Christian Davenport, a peace studies, political science and sociology professor has spent months picking his way through the interviews, legal cases, newspaper articles, human rights reports, government records and eye-witness testimony from Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles”.

His aim is to identify what took place. He said "No one has ever brought this information together to see how it’s all related,” Davenport says. He wants to provide a deeper understanding of the conflict and its impact on the communities and political systems.

Davenport's plan is to create an interactive website as an installation at Notre Dame. It's his aim that all this information is accessible to the public. In the future it is his hope that he will create similar installations in Northern Ireland and Britain.

For further information visit the project's site here.