One of Ireland's most notorious sex offenders is living freely in Florida, it has been revealed.

Former Irish national swimming coach George Gibney, now 63, left Ireland in 1994 after a case against him alleging 27 pedophile incidents collapsed because of the length of time that had elapsed since the incidents allegedly happened.

Since he fled four new complaints have been made by people who say Gibney abused them when they were young swimmers, the Irish Sunday Times has revealed.

Police sent the files to the Department of Public Prosecution but no extradition warrant has been sought.

Now Child AbuseWatch, a protection agency in the US, has distributed "sex offender notification" leaflets in Enterprise Cove, Florida, a gated community near Orange City where Gibney lives.

The Irish-born head of the agency Evin Daly has stated they are trying to have Gibney deported from the U.S. "Anyone applying to get into the US has to fill in a form which specifically asks if you’ve ever been arrested or accused of a crime,” said Daly, who believes Gibney lied on the form.

In November a woman approached Irish police with new allegations that she was molested by Gibney when she was a child, and made a formal statement.