The wife of Northern Ireland's first minister, DUP leader Peter Robinson, tried to kill herself while suffering depression after an affair.

Iris Robinson, a self-described "born again and again Christian," made the suicide attempt in February 2009.

She said she was "completely ashamed and deeply embarrassed" by the affair which had "devastated" her life and the lives of those around her.

She said the affair started when she was providing support to a man who had suffered a bereavement. She said she would "pay any price on earth" to take back the wrong she had done and added that she believed she has been forgiven by God.

Mrs Robinson, who resigned as DUP member for Strangford in December, has been dubbed the "Wicked Witch Of The North" for her views on homosexuality which she has described as "an abomination".

In 2008 she was voted "UK Bigot of the Year 2008" by gay rights association Stonewall.

Suicide attempt: Iris Robinson, aka 'The Wicked Witch of the North' and her husband Peter