The sister of murdered Irish student Nicola Furlong has called for the death sentence to be imposed on her killer.

Andrea Furlong told the Irish Sun newspaper that American suspect Richard Hinds deserve to die after killing her sister in Tokyo last year.

Speaking to the paper as she prepared to fly to Japan for the final trial hearings with her parents, Andrea explained why Hinds deserves the death sentence.

She said: “Her killer ended not only her life but our lives as well. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as us.”

The paper reports that Andrea flew to Japan with her mother Angie and dad Andrew for next Monday’s murder trial hearing. Exchange student Nicola was found dead on May 24 last after attending a Nicki Minaj gig in Tokyo.

Andrea spoke of her hope that musician Hinds receives the death sentence in a land where capital punishment is still legal.

The 20-year-old from Memphis has admitted to strangling the Wexford student but denies killing her intentionally.

Sister Andrea added: “My parents aren’t interested in the death sentence but I am.

“I just think that he deserves whatever he gets. I’m very angry.

“I’m hoping that if he doesn’t get the death penalty that he rots. He doesn’t deserve to have been the last one to see her breathing either.”

Mum Angie isn’t interested in the sentence as she explained nothing can ease the pain of her loss.
Angie said: “I really don’t care what the sentence is. Nothing’s going to bring Nicola back to me now.

“It’s very cruel - wrong place, wrong time. It could have been anyone but unfortunately it was my baby.

“We’re very nervous and anxious. We’ve no idea what’s facing us really. We just want to do it and get home. Closure doesn’t mean anything to us.”

Irish student Nicola Furlong murdered in Japan.Family Hand Out