A New York Irish cop was described as ‘very,very lucky’ by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly after surviving a bullet wound to the head.

Plain clothes officer Kevin Brennan, 29, was shot in the back of the head on Tuesday night after a shoot out at a Brooklyn housing project. The cop was working undercover at the time.

Brennan is in critical but stable condition at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Commissioner Kelly showed reporters the jar containing the bloody bullet that surgeons had removed.

Brennan lives in Long Island with his wife, Janet, and has a six week old baby daughter called Maeve, the Daily News reports.


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"Thankfully tonight I think there's no reason to think her Daddy won't be there to see her crawl for the first time and in good time to dance at her wedding," Mayor Mike Bloomberg told the press.

The alleged gunman, Luis Ortiz, was arrested hiding out in his uncle’s apartment.

The shootout began when Brennan and two other cops responded to a man with a gun call. Ortiz ran off and was pursued by Brennan who was shot . Witnesses said Brennan appeared badly wounded.

An eyewitness stated that "The hurt cop kept yelling ‘I got hit! I got hit!’” said Jenny Rios, . “He was bleeding from the mouth.”

Ortiz was wanted for the New Year’s Day murder of Shannon McKinney and had two dozen arrests for drugs.

"He's a bad dude. Everyone knows him around here ," a 52-year-old local told The New York Daily News.
Brennan’s partner said his fellow cop was in pain “He’s in a lot of pain. He’s moving his arms and legs. He’s having trouble with his vision,” said Lt. Christopher Devaney,.

“He’s one of the best, so I picked him to ride with me,”  said Devaney,

Mayor Bloomberg stated Brennan knows he was hit "He understands he was hit - he said he was in a lot of pain," said Bloomberg. "God in this case was kind. It could have turned out an awful lot worse."

Ray Kelly holds a jar containing the bullet removed from Police Officer Kevin Brennan's head and points to where the officer was shot - behind the left ear.NY Daily News