The Rory Staunton Foundation has been named as the recipient of the Hall of Fame Award at Mayo People of the Year Awards, 2013.

The Mayo People of the Year Awards event takes place on Friday, November 22nd in Castlebar, Ireland. The Hall of Fame Award has been given to The Rory Staunton Foundation because of the work the Staunton family has been engaged in since their son Rory’s death. The Rory Staunton Foundation has been to the forefront both nationally and internationally in creating awareness of sepsis, the deadly killer that kills more Americans than AIDS.

The organizers of the event cited the work being done by Ciaran, Orlaith and Kathleen Staunton including the introduction in New York State of Rory’s Regulations in January; these regulations are expected to save up to 8,000 lives in New York State annually. The organizers cited the Staunton family involvement in the first ever hearings in the United States Senate dealing with sepsis at which the Staunton’s testified and the keynote address delivered by Ciaran Staunton at the Sepsis Summit in Berlin.

Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Enda Kenny in welcoming the award said that “Rory had deep and true Irish roots from both his parents. “ He continued congratulating the Foundation who he said “has carried on extraordinary work in a short time to ensure that similar situations do not arise for other children.”

Taoiseach Kenny said that the Foundation was a worthy recipient of the Hall of Fame Award from the Mayo People of the Year Committee.