A memorial statue to honor Bram Stoker has been given the go-head, but authorities have yet to decide where to put the memorial.

The life-size statue which will commemorate the 2012 centennial of the Clontarf man’s death was approved by Dublin City Council, but a location for the memorial is yet to be confirmed, according to the Evening Herald.

A Dublin organization called the Friends of Bram Stoker secured private funding for the memorial, but has failed thus far, to find a suitable location.

Residents of Clontarf, the Dublin suburb where the renowned horror writer was born are hoping the village would be chosen for the home of the memorial.

Robin MacCaw, the great grandson of Stoker told the Evening Herald: "My great grandparents were both born and raised in Dublin, and my family believes Dublin is the logical place for a memorial to my great grandfather, in recognition for his contribution to Gothic literature, and for the enormous and ongoing impact of Dracula on popular culture."

The Count Dracula creator was a student in Trinity College. He worked as a civil servant in Dublin Castle for many years before going on to write several novels.

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