A new study has found that Irish women are better, safer drivers than Irish men.

Insurance provider No Nonsense recently launched a new tool called Smart Driver, which tracks a driver’s habits over the course of six months, allowing the insurance company to reward those who drive safely.

Using data gathered over on 2,000 drivers, No Nonsense discovered trends in their clients' driving.

Women in their 20s especially excel over their male counterparts, with better scores on accelerating, braking harshly, and cornering. Men were found to over-accelerate more than women, at a rate of 69% to 62%.

If profession is any indication of safe driving, the study found that women who work in the fields of science or engineering have the best driving ratings, at 72%. Male teachers were the safest drivers among the men, at 71%.

When divided by province, the safest female drivers were found to be in Connacht, and the least safe male drivers from Munster.

“Smart driver was the first Irish product that allowed promising drivers to prove, over an extended period, that they were safe drivers and that they should benefit from lower premiums. If you are safer you should pay less that cuts out the nonsense,” General Manager of No Nonsense Jackie McMahon told the Irish Independent.

“It is also the first time we have had this level of data on Irish driving. Throughout the program we have given drivers their own data, which has helped them see where they can improve their driving and road safety.”