The pressure is on for a young New Jeresy boy.

Declan Crowley from the Broesler School of Irish Dance is competing in his eighth World Irish Dance Championship.

Crowley, who danced at the Kimmell Center on Thursday in a solo Under 18's competition, has already conquered the world.

Crowley took second place in both the 2002 and 2007 Worlds. However, Crowley hopes to become king of his competition later today when he goes for first place.

Although he was very happy with his solo hard shoe, Crowley told Irish Central that it could go either way.

"You just never know what way the judges are going to vote," he said.

Crowley, who is in his final few months in high school, said he sees a future in his passion.

"I really want to dance full time in a show," he said.

Crowley is so serious about dancing in a show that he has sent an audition video to the producers of "Rhythm of the Dance".

"Rhythm of the Dance: is by far one of the best shows out there at the moment," says Crowley.

"The show travels all over the world and I'd love to be part of that."

However Crowley, who plans to continue competing, said if he doesn't succeed in landing a job with a show he will study bio-mechanical engineering.

"Yes," he laughs, "they are definitely very different careers."

Unlike most of the 6,000 dancers in Philadelphia this week whose dance idol is Michael Flatley, Crowley said his dance idol is Colin Dunne, an eight-time world Irish dance champion.

However, after learning that Lord of the Dance hero, Flatley would be appearing at the competitions later this evening, Crowley said he would love to meet him personally.

Crowley, who has traveled to Ireland and Scotland to partake in previous world competitions, is happy that he only had to travel four hours this year to the worlds.

"It's practically on my door step," he said.

"And its nice for once to have it in a big city. Often the worlds are held in small towns in the countryside."

The downside for Crowley is that he hasn't hung out with the dancers as much because he's not staying in the hotel.