Hundreds of Muslim protesters marched from O’Connell Street in Dublin to the European Headquarters of Google in the dockyards district of the city.

The protest, which passed without incident, was against the Anti–Islam YouTube video that has caused violent riots in the Middle East.

"You should not allow these (filmmakers) to use freedom of expression to hurt the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world," Muslim cleric Alam Ghulam Rabbini said, according to the Irish Independent.

The crowd was made up mostly of young men.

"I've come to take action against this (video), to ban this, it insults Muslims," said Assam Mohammed, who has lived in Ireland for seven years.

After protesting Google, the march moved to the American Embassy in Ballsbridge.

The Dublin protests came days after a lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles calling on Google to take the video down from Google-owned YouTube.

In an earlier statement, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said: "Google has a very clear view on this, which is that we believe the answer to bad speech is more speech.".