A desperate German mother dumped her two week old baby in a Dublin hostel – then took a flight home to Frankfurt.

The Irish Sun has revealed how the woman checked out of her city centre accommodation with the baby still in her room.
A cleaner found the young child but only after the mother had fled for Dublin airport early last Friday morning.

The woman checked-out at 5.30am and was already on board a flight to Germany by the time a startled cleaner discovered the child at 8am.

She has since told German police that she wants nothing to do with the young tot.

Her grandparents are now on their way to Ireland to be re-united with the child, currently in the care of social services in Dublin.

Staff at The Glen guesthouse on Lower Gardiner Street alerted local police to the abandoned baby.
They traced the woman to Germany but she told police in Frankfurt that she: “Wanted nothing to do with it.”

Her parents have since agreed to travel to Dublin and bring the baby home.

Hostel manager Goran Josifov told the Irish Sun: “The cleaning lady was actually meant to clean another room when she heard the baby crying.

“She went to the room and noticed the room was one where the occupant had checked out and couldn’t believe the baby was all alone. I didn’t get to meet the mum but I saw her leave on the CCTV and we’re in shock at something like this happening.

“The gardai (police) were here within minutes and the girl who found her was shaking at finding a baby on their own.

“Everyone here just hopes and prays the poor thing is healthy and will be looked after.”

A police source told the paper: “This is an unusual case and this type of incident very rarely happens in Dublin.

“Gardai (police) have made contact with their colleagues in Germany and the baby’s grandparents will be coming to collect him.

“The baby is doing well and staff at the hostel have to be praised for finding him.”

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