Top 5 most read stories today

Rory McIlroy in love match with tennis number one Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy has split with childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney for a love match with  world tennis number one Caroline Wozniacki...READ MORE

Sarah Palin’s biopic ‘The Undefeated’ opens to near empty theaters

Sarah Palin  has demonstrated she can survive scandal, major historical cock ups, and almost every kind of political and social gaffe - but can she survive bad box office? READ MORE

Gallagher’s New York strip joint under investigation by the feds

The ony Irish strip joint in New York is under investigation.

Gallagher’s strip joint inQueens, is not far from the Irish neighborhood of Sunnyside and is a popular destination...


Tragic drowning of five-year-old boy in Killarney hotel shocks town

The death of a five-year-old boy in a hotel swimming pool in County Kerry is being treated as a tragic accident by Irish police...


US seeks extradition of veteran Republican on fake dollar charges

A veteran Irish Republican who turned against the IRA is fighting extradition charges to the United States for distributing fake American dollars – in Russia...