There were wild scenes as all over Ireland as Black Friday shoppers fought and pulled and dragged each other. Many took to Twitter to report the phenomenon.

Since when did "Black Friday" become a regularly usable term in Ireland and Britain?

— Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) November 28, 2014

Really disappointing to see the nonsense that is #BlackFriday in my home country gaining a foothold here in Ireland. #bonkers

— Larry Donnelly (@LarryPDonnelly) November 28, 2014

Shopping in Craigavon looked more like rugby. #BlackFriday

— Mark Simpson (@BBCMarkSimpson) November 28, 2014

Several of the larger outlets, such as Tesco have decided to follow the example of America after Thanksgiving Day and have jumped in on Black Friday slashing costs on numerous items.

The result is American style mayhem as shoppers lined up all night and fought over electronic goods, underwear (there was a fight in a Victoria’s Secret store) and many other items.

A Tesco in Lisbellaw just outside Enniskillen on the Fermanagh side of the Irish border was Ground Zero for a huge scrap, much of it recorded by someone who sounds just like The Joker as he hollers and screamed.

“Black Friday has a reputation for being a little crazy but this just takes the biscuit. This is just down the road in Enniskillen...MENTAL!!!,” reads the caption of one video.

Maybe the Irish should think twice about following the US example on this particular holiday.