Minister for Foreign Affairs, and a possible runner for leadership of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin has said that history will look “favorably” on Prime Minister Brian Cowen. He also said the Prime Minister will lead the party into 2011’s General Election.

During his analysis of the 2011 Budget, released on Tuesday, he said that he unequivocally supports Mr Cowen and that he is merely a victim of his own bad PR.

Speaking on Pat Kenny’s RTE (the national broadcasters) show “Frontline” Mr Martin said “Of all the people I have served under, I regard Brian Cowen as a very decent, honest and committed person…In terms of the issues over the last two or three years, and they have been huge, and enormous, he has knuckled down to it in a very workmanlike way, in a very honest way.

"He doesn't engage in spin. He doesn't believe in the old adage that perception is reality. In a media-dominated world -- and the interaction between media and politics is critical -- he hasn't concentrated on that side of the situation."

He continued "I think in time, actually, history looks at things in a more detached perspective. I think the last two, three years, will be viewed more favorably than current opinion."

Unfortunately current opinion polls do not look as favorable. The most recent poll puts Fianna Fail at just 13 percent. This has left the party in crisis.

Both Micheal Martin, Minster for Finance Brian Lenihan and Minister for the Arts Mary Hanafin have been tipped as possible successors as the leader of the party.

Mr Martin and Mr Lenihan have both said that although they would accept the position as party leader Mr Cowen will lead the party into the General Election.