24-year-old Michaella McCollum, who was jailed in Peru in 2013 for smuggling cocaine, has just registered the birth of twin boys in Northern Ireland.

The twins were born at Craigavon Area Hospital on May 8 and were named Raphael Genie and Rio Addison, but when registering their births, McCollum left the father’s name off of their birth certificates according to The Daily Mail.

McCollum is currently reluctant to share who the father is and as of now, the twins will be taking her surname. Supposedly, the former drug mule took inspiration for naming the boys from her three years in a Peruvian prison.

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She became fluent in Spanish whilst locked up in Lima’s infamous Ancon Prison, but what got her through those three years behind bars, as she claimed, was her faith. Fr. Sean Walsh, a priest based in Lima, Peru stated that McCollum had ‘found God’ while helping him with church work during her probation.

Peru 2 Michaela McCollum confirms exciting baby news https://t.co/XrFOJF4sqU pic.twitter.com/04DnyM1EYK

— The Sun (@TheSun) January 24, 2018

Back in 2013, McCollum was arrested along with her friend Melissa Reid in Lima for drug-smuggling, hence they were called the ‘Peru Two’ by media outlets. They had met in Ibiza earlier that year and were recruited by a drug-dealing gang there.

She was given an initial sentence of six years and eight months after they had attempted to smuggle nearly $2 million worth of cocaine into the country. McCollum was released from prison early and returned to Northern Ireland in June 2016.

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