Michael Stokes, the “tiny but tough” teenager, was buried today just weeks before his 16th birthday. His cause of death has been described as a “tragic accident.”

The funeral of 15-year-old Michael Stokes, who won a firm place in Irish hearts after appearing on RTÉ’s “Room to Improve,” saw hundreds of mourners turn out to pay tribute to “Michael the Warrior,” the “tiny but tough” teenager.

Stokes suffered from Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) - a genetic disorder which causes bones to break easily -  and his inspirational positivity toward life catapulted him to national attention in 2015 when he appeared with his foster parents on the home improvement show which looked to transform their house to be more suitable for him.

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Remember Michael and Barry from one of the most talked about episodes of Room to Improve? The house got the @DermotBannon treatment to make things easier for Michael, and since then he has moved in #latelate pic.twitter.com/kS3ufvs5mt

— RTE One (@RTEOne) February 16, 2018

He died at Temple Street Children’s Hospital on Saturday after what was described as a “tragic accident.”

“Inside this little body was a giant-sized heart and an enormous capacity to love us as his life unfolded,” said family friend Eimir McGrath at his funeral.

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Michael Stokes, a 'tiny but tough' Dublin teenager who captured hearts after appearing on RTÉ's Room to Improve, has died in hospital following an accident. pic.twitter.com/naqrA7xLuW

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 8, 2018

"As we all know he had a very special gift of [making] people positive by his very presence.

"His sensitivity, openness, and achievement to others were reflected in the special relationship he had built with those close to him as well as radiating out to all of those he met along the way."