The Irish Prime Minister received a tremendous amount of public support following his speech on the Cloyne Report in July. However some members of the public told Kenny he was a bad role model for his children.

The Irish Examiner has published excerpts of messages obtained through the Freedom of Information Act following his scathing attack on the Vatican over the clerical abuse cover up in Ireland.

One person told Kenny he was "disgrace" to his family and a "very bad role model" for his children.
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Another said: "When you have apologised to the Pope in the Holy See you will reconsider."

One person questioned the Irish leader’s own Catholic faith: “Please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming to be a faithful Catholic," the letter stated. "Faithful Catholics do not call for the sundering of the Catholic sacraments."

The Irish Examiner requested to view both letters and emails received by the Prime Minister between July 20 and August 1. Under the FOI act over 500 messages were released to the newspaper. Some 455 were in support of his speech, 23 were partially supportive while the remaining 29 were critical of his remarks.

The messages came from Ireland, the U.S. Australia and China.

Here's a video of his speech in Parliament: