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Cork girl Megan Malone's parents have expressed concerns over the management of the trust set up for the young girl's lifesaving brain tumor treatment as the fund refuses to pay out for family expenses in New York.

The Megan Malone Trust was officially founded on December 3 last year after major fundraising and a huge donation from an anonymous donor made it possible for Megan to travel to New York for treatment. However, Megan's parents now believe that those managing the fund are not acting in the bext interest of the family. The fund has refused to pay legitimate living expenses for the family while they were staying in New York.

The trust had stated that €16,262 has been paid to John Malone with respect to this request.
However, he claimed, "Sheila and I have received €11,368 and not €16,262 as documented by the trustees."

The trust also said it refused to cover a further €13,211 in expenses because "the trustees do not deem these requests to be reasonable nor in keeping with the objectives of the trust.”
Malone says, "The amount of unapproved expenses is €10,262.30.

"The trustees are refusing to pay for food for us while we are by Megan’s bedside, while she is being treated in the hospital. They refuse to pay for taxis for commuting in and out of the hospital, which is not only the safest but is also the most economical way to get Megan to and from the hospital given her condition. They refuse to pay for telephone calls to and from the hospital or otherwise. These are all reasonable living expenses and should be covered."

The trust said it is trying "to appoint a new group of independent trustees to manage the fund.”
"Any appointments will be done in consultation with the Malone family and the fundraising committee."

Read more: US doctors saving little Irish girl in cancer battle