A brave Irish girl has died in New York after undergoing revolutionary treatment in a bid to beat cancer.

Little five-year-old Megan Malone battled against tumours on her brain and spine for over two years.

Parents Sheila and John brought their girl to America two years ago after doctors in Ireland told them she only had three weeks to live.

The Irish Sun reports that the heartbroken parents, who described Megan as ‘a beautiful little princess’, are preparing for her funeral back in Cork.

Writing on their website they said: “We are so devastated. Our hearts are truly broken.

“We will never ever forget you Megan, We love you so much. Poor, poor little darling Megan, may you rest in peace.”

The paper reports that Megan spent nine months in the US last year with her entire family.

Following treatment, she returned home tumor free but sadly the cancer came back this year.

The family then returned to New York during the summer for further treatment.

An anonymous donor paid for the chemotherapy treatment with funds also donated from all over Ireland to the Megan fund.

Parish priest Fr Dick Browne told the paper the Malones had invested a huge amount of energy in fighting to keep Megan alive.

Megan Malone