New research shows that a kilt can increase men’s sperm count while also making men feel more masculine and proud, enjoying positive attention from sexual admirers.

The finding was published in the the Scottish Medical Journal under the title, “Real men wear kilts.”

he study’s conclusion is that, “Based on literature on scrotal temperature, spermatogenesis [or the process of sperm development] and fertility … men who regularly wear a kilt during the years in which they wish to procreate will, as a group, have significantly better rates of sperm quality and higher fertility.”

They continue, “There are strong psychological benefits associated with kilt wearing," the researchers noted, "most notably (a) a feeling of masculinity and pride and (b) positive attention from sexual admirers.

"Because the kilt is a purely masculine garment, men need not be ashamed of or reticent about the therapeutic wearing of a kilt for a certain period of time to possibly improve sperm quantity and quality."

However, they admitted, "further research is needed to prove this hypothesis."

Other studies have also shown that hot activities, such as saunas or sitting with a laptop on your knees can active sperm count and movement. And of course the student states that the best way to wear a kilt is “regimental style”, that’s right, go commando.

Although kilts are traditionally a Scottish clothing, they were adopted by the Irish nationalists at the turn of the 20th century, as a symbol of Ireland’s Celtic identity. Ordinarily these Irish kilts would be of solid color, rather than the tartan plaid. These kilts have since then been worn by the Irish regiments serving in the British Army. Also kilts continue to be worn by male Irish dancers.