Mayor Bloomberg was booed and catcalled by Irish parade goers in the Rockaways St. Patrick’s parade on Saturday.

Rockaway in Queens is one of the largest parades in and around New York City.

Last month, in a story exclusively reported on, Bloomberg upset many Irish when he said at a function at the American Irish Historical Society in Manhattan that he was used to see drunks hanging out the windows at the venue, a center for learning and education.

The story made worldwide headlines and Bloomberg apologized.

Interviewed by The New York Post, parade goer Maureen Bergin said Bloomberg disrespected her heritage when he stated that he usually only saw “people that are totally inebriated” at the Irish American Historical Society on Fifth Avenue.

“He wouldn’t have the audacity to make that joke about another group of people,” grumbled Bergin. “Plus, I’m a teacher, so he’s not on my list of favorite people right now.”

Another retired worker Ellen Moran agreed. “A stereotype is simply a stereotype. It may have been a joke, but the bottom line is, I was offended.”

"He should really know better than to say something like that about a whole group of people," parade goer Sean Gallagher told the Daily News.

Anthony Hannon, 80, was more upset by plans to fire teachers and firemen. “What he’s doing to our teachers and our Fire Department – it’s shameful. Who cares about bike lanes? He’s an idiot,” Hannon told the Post.

Bloomberg, ignored the boos and waved an Irish tricolor high over his head.

Some, however, felt Bloomberg was being unfairly targeted.

“I don’t think anyone minds him making wisecracks against us. No Irishman took it to heart,” said  James Ray, 52.

The reaction in Rockaway will certainly make it interesting when Bloomberg marches on Fifth Avenue in the biggest of all parades on March 17th,