A far-right sympathizer was planning to conduct a terrorist attack in Ireland using explosives before his arrest in July 2021, according to reports. 

Mark Wolf, a 37-year-old UK national, was sentenced to 10 years in jail last month after being caught in possession of firearm parts and guides for printing 3D weapons in July 2021. He was also caught in the possession of large amounts of child abuse materials.

The Irish Times reports that the Garda Special Detective Unit (SDU) found evidence that Wolf attempted to acquire explosives from a commercial dealer in Ireland. 

Wolf's phone also included contact details for a company that supplies explosives to civilians for use in excavations. 

Gardaí also discovered a brand-new 3D printer capable of printing weapons during the course of their investigation. 

The Irish Times reports that gardaí believe Wolf intended to use the printer to create an arsenal of weapons to be used in a terrorist attack. 

Wolf was also found in possession of a recording of a live stream of a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019 along with a large number of Neo-Nazi materials, leading gardaí to believe that the 37-year-old was planning a similar attack in Ireland or the UK. 

The SDU raised Wolf's room in a hostel on Gardiner Street in Dublin in July 2021 and found a rubber face mark, a badge showing the Garda logo, and military-style body armor. They also discovered military goggles and gloves, a military sleeping bag, and a black flag depicting the Sonnenrad, a Neo-Nazi symbol used in the 2019 terrorist attack in New Zealand. 

He also had passports in four different names. 

Gardaí told the Irish Times that it was "only a matter of time" before Wolf had a completed firearm to carry out an attack. 

They said he came to Garda attention after ordering weapons parts from overseas as he had not yet used the 3D printer to print his own parts. 

Wolf ordered triggers, lower receivers, springs for ten magazines, and what appeared to be silencers, which brought him to the attention of the SDU. 

Gardaí believe that Wolf was acting alone and not as part of a group. 

Wolf is also wanted in the UK on terrorism and child abuse imagery charges. 

Wolf has previously consented to his extradition to the UK, according to the Sunday World. 

There, he faces eight separate terrorist charges and two charges of making child sex abuse images.