The 43-year-old Mexican father-of-two, identified only as Angel V, who Pope Francis prayed over at the Vatican on May 19, claims he is still possessed by demons.

Media and experts alike believed that the newly elected Pope had performed an exorcism of sorts on the then unidentified man, at St Peter’s Square in Rome. However the Pope’s prayers seem to have been in vain, the Mexican man told the Spanish Language newspaper, El Mundo.

Angel V said, “I still have demons inside me, they have not gone away.” He added that he did feel better since the Pope prayed over him.

He told the newspaper that he has undergone 30 exorcisms by ten exorcists to no avail. These exorcists included the renowned Roman exorcist Reverend Gabriel Amorth.

The father-of-two is able to walk but was in a wheelchair on that particular day, captured by TV2000, on Pentecost Sunday.

An exorcism is a casting out of evil spirits using a precise ritual.

On May 19 Pope Francis was seen “laying his hands” on Angel V. This is a very ancient practice going back to the Old Testament.

When the Pope laid his hands on Angel V his facial expressions and the fact that he was known to be possessed made it appear to be an exorcism. The Vatican denied this and said the Pope “did not intend to perform any exorcism" but prayed "for a suffering person who had been brought before him."

Angel V is married and lives in the state of Michoacán. He claims he has been possessed by demons since 1999.

Reverend Juan Rivas, a well-known Mexican priest, accompanied Angel V to Rome. He was with him when the Pope laid his hands on the allegedly possessed man.

He told El Mundo, “the demons that live in him do not want to leave him.”

Rivas, a member of the Legionaries of Christ, said Angel V kissed Pope Francis’ ring and then fell into a trance.

He said, “The Pope then laid his hands on his head and at that moment a terrible sound was heard (from him), like the roar of a lion.

“All those who were there heard it perfectly well. The Pope for sure heard it [but] he continued with his prayer, as if he had faced similar situations before.”

The Mexican father told El Mundo how he came to be possessed. He was on a bus in 1999 when he felt “an energy” enter the bus.

“I did not see it with my eyes, but I perceived it.

“I noted that it came close to me, and then stopped in front of me. Then, suddenly, I noted that something like a stake pierced my chest and, little by little, I had the sensation that it was opening my ribs.”

He said he thought he would die and thought he was having a heart attack.

From that day on his health deteriorated. He couldn’t keep food down, felt pain and needles all over. Then he began to have difficulty walking and breathing.

“I could not sleep, and when I managed to sleep I had terrible nightmares connected with the evil one,” he explained

Angel V also began falling into trances. While in these trances he would blaspheme and speak in tongues.

He said doctors “could not get to the cause of my problems.”

Priests gave Angel V the Extreme Unction (a sacrament administered to the sick) four times. Although it relieved his symptoms for a short while it did not remove them.

Angel V, still a strong Catholic, believes that the power of God will help him.

He said he lives with “much fear” and feels “very dirty at the thought that there was an evildoer within me.”

Over the past few years he has sought out exorcists but none of them have cast out his demons.

He said the possession has turned into a nightmare. He has lost his publicity business and some real estate. Happily his family have stood by him.

"Fortunately, my children have never seen me in a trance, though they know I am ill,” he explained.

Rev. Gabriel Amorth, an expert in exorcism who is based in Rome, believes that Angel V is possesed.

He said, “Not only is he possessed, but the devil who lives in him finds himself obliged by God to transmit a message," he said.

Amorth continued, “Angel is a good man. He has been chosen by the Lord to give a message to the Mexican clergy and to tell the bishops that they have to do an act of reparation for the law on abortion that was approved in Mexico City in 2007, which was an insult to the Virgin.

“Until they . . . do this, Angel will not be liberated.”

Here’s the clip:

Pope Francis I laying his hands on Mexican father-of-two, Angel V, at the Vatican on May 19. The Mexican man claims he is still possessed by demons.TV2000