A man appeared before Dublin’s High Court this morning seeking an injunction to prevent his pregnant girlfriend from travelling to the UK for an abortion.

RTE reports the man fears she is being taken by her family against her will, as her family think she will be "ruined" if she has a child with a non-white man.

He has requested a number of injunctions that would prevent the pregnant woman from leaving Ireland or undergoing an abortion, until it can be proved she is acting of her own free will. 

The couple, who are both foreign nationals, who have been living in Ireland for some time, cannot be identified for legal reasons. The court heard that the couple have known each other for a year, but her family have not accepted the relationship.

In an affidavit, the man said his girlfriend "is happy to be pregnant" and "never expressed any desire to have an abortion."

He claims his partner has already registered with a maternity hospital and was excited about an approaching CT scan. He said she had also bought baby clothes for their child.

Attorney for the father, Séamas Ó Tuathail, said his client discovered that his girlfriend had been booked into a clinic in the UK and is due to undergo a procedure tomorrow.

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy granted the man permission to serve notice of proceedings against his girlfriend, aimed at preventing her from leaving the jurisdiction, until it can be determined that she is acting of her own free will.

He said he has no desire to stop her from travelling if that was her wish.

The man said his partner’s family are deeply unhappy she is in a relationship with someone of a non-European origin.

The couple had moved in together but in recent days he claims her family forced her to leave the house they share.

He alleges a member of her family have threatened to kill him if he attempted to come near his girlfriend.

The matter was due back in court on Wednesday afternoon.