Limerick locals are no closer to finding a solution to the mystery of the exhumation of the body of a 95-year-old man.

His body was removed from its grave at Clounanna, County Limerick and reburied at St. Mary's graveyard in Patrickswell.

Under Irish law a priest, policeman and environmental officer must all be present for a body to be exhumed legally. No exhumation order had been made for Mr Joseph 'Josie' Graham's body. However, it had received an application to buy a new plot for him.

Graham was the oldest man in the village of Clounanna until he died two years ago.

It was Graham's dying wish to be buried in Clounanna cemetery. He was exhumed from this grave and his body moved to St. Mary’s.

Some locals in the small town have begun boycotting the local family business of the people they believe to be involved. The family categorically denies this. There were no witnesses to the crime.