David Laffer and his wife, Melinda Brady, have been arrested following the Father’s Day massacre in a Long Island pharmacy. Four people were shot a killed before the couple stole 10,000 hydrocodone pills as well as ingredients promethazine and cheratussin.

Although Laffer fired the shots Brady has been arrested and charged with third-degree robbery. She sat in a car outside while Laffer was in the pharmacy.

She told reporters “He was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick," she said. "I'm sorry that he did all of this." Laffer’s friend said that he would often miss hockey games because of Brady’s oral surgeries.

Laffer had lost his job last week along with his health insurance which meant that Brady had been deprived the drugs she had come to rely upon.

A friend of the couple, Joanne Martino, spoke to the International Business Times. She said “This past Saturday, she was calling my friends, looking for a place to get pills because she didn't have any [health] coverage anymore…She was saying frantically, 'I need my pills! I need my pills!' She was acting like a complete drug addict,"

Laffer was tracked down by police because he was a repeat painkiller customer. He also owned a .45-caliber weapon and matched the images picked up on CCTV footage.

The killer had been fired two weeks ago from a commercial-grade measuring instrument distributor in Yaphank for allegedly attempting to steal another employee's property. Laffer is an Army vet who was discharged in 2002.

" Newsday says that Laffer, an Army vet who was discharged in 2002, applied for food stamps last Friday, two days before the shooting.