The majority of US citizens think that undocumented immigrants in the United States should be deported, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

The online survey demonstrates the difficulties facing lawmakers regarding their plans for comprehensive immigration reform.

The survey results show that 30 percent of respondents believe most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported.

Some 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported.

The poll shows 75 percent of Republicans think all or most undocumented immigrants should be deported, compared to 40 percent of Democrats who think the same.

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"It's not Americans' views that are shifting. It is that the political climate is ripe for this discussion," said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

"Democrats feel that the time is right to capitalize on their wins and Republicans feel that they had a bad blow and are eager to reach out to Hispanics," she added.

Polls show that most Americans are in support of immigration reform, however they disagree on the different elements of proposed reform.

Wednesday's Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted Friday through Tuesday and surveyed 1,443 Americans over the age of 18.

In last week’s State of the Union address Obama emphasized the importance of creating a clear path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants in the United States illegally.

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