The majority of cheaters do not think infidelity is a sin and that Catholics are most likely to stray, according to a new survey conducted by an infidelity website.

The research conducted by the infidelity site Victoria Milan shows that while most cheating members consider themselves religious, 76 percent of those surveyed agreed that infidelity is not a sin.

The infedelity website has more than 3 million members worldwide in more than 23 countries.

More than 70 percent of  the Victoria Milan 6,000 users surveyed reported that they believe in a religion, although 83 percent of those reported that they were not ”active” and did not go to church or other services.

According to the results, most of the members consider infidelity as “God’s gift”.

The survey also asked members which faiths fostered infidelity. Of the cheaters surveyed, the largest number believed that Catholics were most likely to stray— at 29 percent, with 27 percent reporting that they thought Muslims were most likely to cheat. Next in line were Protestants at 18 percent and Agnostics or Atheists with 10 percent.

Victoria Milan’s founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal stated that, “Infidelity has been with us throughout human existence in every culture.

“Most cultures and religions, especially, have censured and even penalized adultery, but this has not prevented it from occurring. In modern times our members see passion and love as precious gifts, and they appreciate religion as a culturally-situated phenomenon. If god is love why should they find anything wrong with their desires for lovemaking?”

Victoria Milan is a discrete social network for men and women seeking a secret affair.