Boston and Toronto are expected to lead the charge in an increase in visitor numbers to Ireland this summer.

Ireland’s Tourism authority has targeted the two cities with a ‘Jump Into Ireland’ sales blitz. In total over 1500 travel agents in nine key US and Canadian cities will form the core of Tourism Ireland’s special promotions plan for 2012.

A recent promotional tour of the North American markets prompted the decision to focus specifically on Toronto and Boston.

The promotions tour included interactive presentations with a ‘virtual tour’ of Ireland, as well as networking with hundreds of travel agents and media contacts in Boston and Toronto.

Similar events are planned for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver in October.

Alison Metcalfe, vice-president of marketing in the US for Tourism Ireland, told the Irish Examiner:

“North America is a critically important market for tourism to the island of Ireland, second only to Great Britain in terms of visitor numbers. Visitors from North America stay longer, spend more than the average visitor, and tour more extensively around the island.

“Our ‘Jump into Ireland’ events, where we talk directly to travel agents and influential media contacts and tell them what makes the island of Ireland such a fantastic vacation destination, are an excellent opportunity to help grow business from the US and Canada in 2012 and beyond.

“In our promotions, we promise potential visitors an experience that will be unique, full of engagement and great fun and with great access and attractive on-the-ground offers.

“We believe the island of Ireland is well positioned to deliver what an American or Canadian holidaymaker wants.”


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