Read more: Police close in on suspect in Long Island Ripper killer - VIDEO

As the hunt for the Long Island Ripper, a new Craigslist Killer continues, it is believed that he could be responsible for at least 13 murders.

Investigators led by Irish-born Police Commissioner Richard Dormer have revealed that they are  looking at a "person of interest." However, their hunt for victims along the shore at Long Island continues.

It is also believed that the killer is connected to four cold cases in Atlantic City. The bodies of four prostitutes were found on a remote beach in Atlantic City. The bodies were dated from 2006.

In December, four bodies of prostitutes, all of whom advertised on Craigslist, were found at Oak Beach, Long Island. The police's most recent find was at Cedar Beach, where they found another four bodies last week.

The Long Island search began due to a missing persons report in September. Shannan Gilbert a prostitute was last seen in the area. The police are continuing to search for her remains. If her remains are found, she will be the 13th victim of this killer.

To put this brutal killing spree, which could span a decade, into perspective the infamous serial killer David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz, who terrorized New York City in the summer of 1977, only killed six people.

Laois-born Dormer has pledged that their search will continue next week. He told reporters: "Our search for (Gilbert) will continue, even though this component of the search is nearly over."

Police will continue to search the coastline of Long Island on Monday.