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The search for evidence continues along the Long Island coastline, where the remains of 10 bodies have been found. Earlier this week there was speculation that two of the murders could have a connection to Joel Rifkin. However, the imprisoned serial killer has denied his involvement and branded the new killer sloppy.

Speaking to The New York Daily News from prison, Rifkin said that he is not impressed with the handiwork of the murderer who has been branded the new "Craigslist Killer" and the "Long Island Ripper."

Rifkin said the murderer currently being hunted by the police should not have left the four bodies on Oak Beach, so close together. During the 70-minute interview he said: "I dumped them hundreds of miles apart."

Rifkin murdered 17 prostitutes and dumped their bodies in rivers and woodland in upstate New York on the east end of Long Island. He was arrested in 1993 with the body of his final victim still in the back of her mother's pick-up truck.

The serial killer said: "I was surprised I didn't get caught sooner."

He was stopped by the police because of a missing license plate which he called "a 25-cent mistake."

Three of his victims were never found which led to the theory that the final two bodies found in Long Island this month could have been connected to the brutal killer.

Rifkin told reporters that he would never have dumped the bodies together as he found the disposing of the bodies more frightening that strangling and dismembering his victims.

He also offered some advice to the police. He suggested that they should focus on white men, aged 18 to 45. However, he also acknowledge the massive task ahead of them. The 51-year-old killer said "That's like half the country…America breeds serial killers…..You don't see any from Europe."

He suspected that the killer being hunted may have shared some of his own experiences, growing up lonely in the suburbs, being bullied and finding it difficult to deal with anger.

The mass murderer isn't surprised that there is speculation that he has some connection the last two bodies found on Long Island. He also pointed out that prostitutes are obvious targets for serial killers.

He broke into laughter, saying: "No family … They can be gone six or eight months and no one is looking."

Currently, Rifkin is serving a 203-year sentence in an upstate New York penitentiary. His first "possible" parole date is February 26, 2197.