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Irish entrepreneurs have been busy ahead of the U.S. President’s arrival in Ireland this coming Monday.

Kevin Devine and Alan Curley have created two t-shirt designs in celebration of the U.S. President’s visit to Ireland.  The two logo designs read: “What's The Craic, Barack?” and “Barack Is From Feckin' Offaly," which abbreviates as BIFFO.

A Moneygall native, Billy Hayes has designed 15 different t-shirt designs and has already sold several as curious people flock to Obama’s ancestral home.

"These t-shirts are made on site in Moneygall and I hope that will be their main selling-point," Hayes told the Irish Independent. "They can be bought on the website if you're not able to get to the village."

The trade for the Obama-themed clothing has been good so far, but Hayes is hopeful it will pick up once Obama touches down on Irish soil.

Shops in the president’s ancestral home are also selling mugs, a special edition Moneygall clock and teddy-bears dressed in Obama t-shirts.

The Corrigan Brothers who released a single called “There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama” three years ago have released another track called “Welcome Home President Barack Obama” for the occasion.

Another local traditional Irish music band called TippOff, (an amalgamation of  the two neighboring counties Tipperary and Offaly) have released two songs for the occasion “As Sure As My Name Is Kearney” and “The Barack Obama Reel."

Rudd’s, a local pet meat’s specialist, is offering customers a “Barack-fast” pack which included sausages, rashers and black and white pudding.

"We checked with the White House to see if it was okay to use President Obama's name and there was no problem," Simon Rudd told the Irish Independent.

Soul Bakery in Clondalkin, Dublin have manufactured “Obama Bread” for a limited edition.

Eager punters can also snap up Moneygall beer and Obama Brack.